The Best Ways to Clean Your Converse

To clean your converse shoes, use a mix of water and mild detergent, scrub the surface with a soft-bristled brush, and leave them to air dry. Converse shoes are a classic shoe brand that is known for its timeless style and durability.

However, with frequent use of these shoes, it’s inevitable that they will get dirtied up and worn out over time. The good news is that with proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, you can keep your converse shoes looking their best for years to come.

There are a few different cleaning methods you can try to get your converse shoes looking like new again, ranging from simple soap and water to more advanced techniques like using a washing machine. Here are some of the best ways to clean your converse shoes and keep them looking great.

The Best Ways to Clean Your Converse


Getting To Know Your Converse

Converse shoes are a staple in every wardrobe, but when it comes to cleaning them, it can be a real challenge. Before you get started, it’s important to know a few things about your converse shoes. This way, you can clean them properly to ensure they last a long time.

Here’s what you need to know:

Understanding The Material

Your converse shoes are made of different materials, depending on the style you have. Each material has its own cleaning process to ensure the shoes don’t get ruined. Here are the most common materials and how to clean them:

  • Canvas: This is the most common material for converse shoes. To clean them, mix warm water and a mild detergent, and then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the shoes. Rinse with cold water and air dry.
  • Leather: For leather converse shoes, use a leather cleaner. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and rub it into the shoes gently. Wipe off the excess cleaner with a clean cloth and let the shoes air dry.
  • Suede: Suede converse shoes require a bit more care. Use a suede eraser or brush to remove any stains or dirt. If there are any major stains, use a suede cleaner and follow the instructions carefully.

Common Problems

There are several common problems that converse shoe owners face when it comes to cleaning them. Here are some solutions to these problems:

  • Yellowing: Over time, the white rubber on converse shoes can turn yellow. To fix this, mix a paste of baking soda and water and scrub it into the rubber with a toothbrush. Let it sit for a few hours, and then rinse it off with water.
  • Stubborn stains: Sometimes, stains just won’t come out. If this happens, try using a mixture of equal parts baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for an hour or so before rinsing it off.
  • Odors: Converse shoes can get pretty stinky, especially if you wear them without socks. To get rid of odors, sprinkle baking soda inside the shoes. Let it sit overnight, and then dump it out in the morning.

By understanding the material of your converse shoes and knowing how to combat common problems, you’ll be able to keep them clean and looking like new for years to come.

Pre-Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your beloved converse shoes can be a laborious task, however, it is essential to keep them looking fresh and new. Just like any other shoe, they accumulate dirt, stains, and debris, over time. We will discuss some of the best pre-cleaning tips for your converse shoes so that they can be restored to their former glory.

Removing Laces

The first step before cleaning your converse is to remove the laces. Not only does this make it easier to clean the shoes, but it also increases the lifespan of the laces. Additionally, it is easier to clean the laces separately.

Follow these simple steps to remove the laces:

  • Grasp one end of the lace and gently pull it out of each eyelet.
  • Once all the laces are removed, wash them in mild detergent and let them air dry.

Brushing Off Dirt And Debris

Before cleaning the shoes, it is essential to remove any excess dirt or debris that may be on them. Use a soft-bristled brush to do this, as a hard-bristled brush may damage the fabric. Here’s how to do it:

  • Hold the shoes with one hand and use the brush to gently scrub off any dirt or debris on the surface.
  • Once done, tap the shoes to remove any loose dirt that may still be stuck.

Identifying Stains And Tough Spots

Identifying stains and tough spots can be a bit tricky, but it’s necessary for an effective pre-clean. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Examine your converse for any visible stains or tough spots that need special attention.
  • For tougher spots, you may need to apply a cleaning agent or soap. It’s important to test any cleaning agent on an inconspicuous part of the converse first. If the colour doesn’t rub off or fade, then you can use it on the rest of the shoe.

Now that you’ve pre-cleaned your converse, you can go ahead and clean them properly. Stay tuned for our article, “the best ways to clean your converse”, to learn more about the cleaning process.

Remember, pre-cleaning is essential before you start cleaning your shoes. By following these pre-cleaning tips, you’ll be able to remove dirt and debris, identify stains and tough spots, and clean your converse shoes more efficiently.

Cleaning Converse

Your favorite pair of converse sneakers has finally reached that point where they could use a good scrub. Maybe they’re stained, or have a lingering smell that’s becoming impossible to ignore. Fortunately, cleaning converse isn’t rocket science. Here are some easy steps to follow for a spotless shine.

Using The Right Cleaning Materials And Products

Before you begin cleaning your converse sneakers, make sure to gather all the necessary materials. You’ll need:

  • A soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush.
  • A mild detergent, such as dish soap or laundry detergent.
  • Baking soda, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide (optional for deeper cleaning).
  • Warm water.

Hand Washing Vs. Machine Washing

While you might be tempted to toss your converse in the washing machine, hand washing is the safer option. The machine can put your shoes through a lot of wear and tear and the constant agitation can damage the shoes or the glue holding them together.

Therefore, it’s better to do it by hand.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Process

Here is how you can clean your converse:

  • Remove the laces from your converse shoes.
  • Soak them in a bowl filled with warm water and mild detergent. You can add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water to get rid of any bad smells.
  • Dip the brush in the soapy water and scrub the shoes thoroughly.
  • If the shoes are heavily soiled, create a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply a thin layer to the dirty areas. Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.
  • If there are any remaining stains, apply a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to the affected area.
  • Rinse the shoes with clean water until all the soapy residue is gone.
  • Fill the shoes with newspapers or paper towels to help them retain their shape.
  • Hang the shoes outside on a sunny day to dry.

Drying Tips And Tricks

When it comes to drying your converse shoes, it’s important to let them dry naturally. Avoid using a dryer, as the heat can warp and melt the shoes. Here are some tips to help dry your converse:

  • Stuff them with paper towels or newspapers to help them dry and keep their shape.
  • Dry them in a well-ventilated area and out of direct sunlight to prevent shrinking or color fading.
  • If your converse are made of leather, use a leather conditioner to prevent the leather from cracking and drying out.

Now that you know how to clean your converse sneakers, you can wear them proud and spotless. With the proper care, they might even outlast the rest of your shoe collection.

Special Care For Different Converse Types

Canvas Converse

One of the most popular converse types is canvas converse. These shoes are durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Here’s how to clean them:

  • Remove the laces before starting the cleaning process.
  • Remove loose dirt and dust with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Mix water and mild soap in a bowl.
  • Dip a soft-bristled brush into the soapy water and gently scrub the shoes in circular motions.
  • Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away soap residue.
  • Stuff the shoes with paper towels to retain their shape as they air dry.
  • Once completely dry, re-lace the shoes.

Leather Converse

Leather converse requires delicate cleaning to avoid damaging the material. Follow these steps:

  • Wipe off any dirt or dust with a soft-bristled brush or a clean cloth.
  • Apply a leather cleaner or mild soap to a clean cloth and rub it onto the leather surface in circular motions.
  • Wipe away soap residue with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry naturally.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and shiny.

Suede Converse

Cleaning suede converse can be tricky, but following these steps can help keep them in pristine condition:

  • Brush the shoes with a suede brush to remove any dirt or dust.
  • Apply a suede cleaner, following the directions on the label.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any stains, rubbing the surface gently.
  • Allow the shoes to air dry naturally away from direct sunlight.
  • Brush the shoes with a clean suede brush to restore the nap of the suede.

Chuck 70S Vs Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Chuck 70s and chuck taylor all-stars require different cleaning methods due to the materials used. Chuck 70s are made of sturdier materials than chuck taylor all-stars, which are made of more delicate fabrics.

  • Chuck 70s can be cleaned using the steps outlined for canvas or leather converse, depending on the material.
  • Chuck taylor all-stars should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap, wiping the surface gently with circular motions and avoiding excessive rubbing that could damage the material.

By following these guidelines, you can keep your converse looking fresh and new for longer.

Maintaining Your Converse

Converse shoes are a timeless classic that have been a fashion staple for decades. If you’re a proud owner of a pair of converse, you know that it’s important to keep them looking clean and fresh. Maintaining your converse isn’t hard work, but it does require some tlc.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your converse looking like new.

Stain Prevention

The best way to prevent your converse from getting stained is to be proactive. Here are some tips to help:

  • Apply a stain protector to your converse when you first buy them. This will help repel water and prevent stains from settling in.
  • Be mindful of where you wear your converse. Avoid wearing them in muddy or wet areas.
  • Wipe off dirt and debris from your converse as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the stain.

Dealing With Yellowing And Fading

Over time, your converse may start to yellow or fade. Here are some tips to help prevent this from happening:

  • Do not leave your converse in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause yellowing and fading.
  • Store your converse in a cool, dry place.
  • Wash your converse in cold water with a gentle detergent. Never use bleach or hot water.

Long-Term Storage And Maintenance

If you want to keep your converse in good condition for years to come, you need to take proper care of them during long-term storage. Here are some tips:

  • Store your converse in a cool, dry area, away from sunlight and moisture.
  • Stuff your converse with paper or a shoe tree to help maintain their shape.
  • Clean your converse before storing them. This will prevent dirt and debris from settling in.

With these tips, you can keep your converse looking great for years to come. Just remember to be proactive about stain prevention, take care when cleaning, and store your shoes properly to prevent yellowing and fading.

Frequently Asked Questions Of The Best Ways To Clean Your Converse

How Do I Clean White Converse Shoes?

Mix equal parts baking soda and water, then massage the paste onto any stains with a clean toothbrush. Leave them to dry in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Can I Put Converse Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can. Remove any excess dirt and place them in a mesh laundry bag, wash them on a gentle cycle in cold water, preferably using a liquid detergent, and air-dry afterward.

How Do I Keep My Converse White?

Use a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water to clean the rubber soles, and add a bit of baking soda with water for spot cleaning on the canvas. Store them away from direct sunlight.

How Do I Get Rid Of Odors From Converse Shoes?

Put a few teaspoons of baking soda into each shoe, leave overnight, then tap it out in the morning; alternatively, put a dryer sheet inside each shoe for a fresh scent.

Can I Use Bleach On Converse Shoes?

No, you shouldn’t. Bleach can severely damage the rubber soles and even the canvas. Instead, stick to a mild cleaning solution and avoid harsh chemicals.


Now that you know the best ways to clean your converse, you can easily maintain their pristine condition and extend their lifespan. Remember, prevention is key, so be sure to treat your shoes with a protecting agent before wearing them.

Regularly wipe the dirt off your shoes with a damp cloth or toothbrush, and use a mild detergent for tougher stains. For deep cleaning, try the baking soda and vinegar method or use a washing machine. However, always be cautious and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid any damage to your shoes.

By taking good care of your converse, you can ensure that they stay fresh and stylish for years to come, making them a worthwhile investment. So go ahead and show off your clean and shiny converse sneakers to the world!

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