How To Remove Beet Juice Stains From Clothes

The beets are a vegetable rich in sugars and vitamins, have mineralizing properties, rejuvenating, and are also beneficial for pregnant, for anemia, constipation, or fluid retention, among other medicinal properties.

Its biggest drawback is its dye since it can quickly leave horrible stains on our garments. If you have come across some of these stains, you will have found that they are somewhat difficult to remove.

Therefore, we explain how to remove beet stains from clothes. In this article, you will find the solution to erase stains.

How To Remove Beet Juice Stains From Clothes

Steps to follow:

  1. Act quickly. The stain will be removed more easily if you treat it when you have been impregnated with the beet liquid.
  • Soak the garment in cold water. This step is much more efficient in natural fiber garments than in synthetic ones. It is advisable to rub the stain a little with your hands when it is in the water; you just have to make sure that it does not spread through the rest of the garment.
  • After a few minutes soaking, apply directly to the detergent stain and let the soap set. Then rinse the garment and remove all the soap.
  • If this method does not work because the stain is more embedded in the tissue, try to remove it using a mixture of cold water and bleach. In this case, you should soak the clothes overnight. Then rinse the garment and wash it as usual.
  • If the stained tissue is very resistant, dilute a tablespoon of bleach in water and apply it to the stain. Then, soak the garment and wash it with your usual routine. In case you don’t have bleach, you can also mix a teaspoon of ammonia with half a cup of cold water.
  • When you have the mixture done, apply the solution to the stain using a sponge. Once it has dried, rinse the garment with cold water.
  • If you notice that the stain has not been completely removed, it is recommended that you repeat the first steps to ensure that the garment is completely clean.


It is not advisable to use hot water, since this makes the stain more embedded in the tissue, making it more difficult to remove.

Never mix ammonia and bleach, remember that its gases are toxic and could poison you

If the beet-stained garment needs to be dry cleaned, it is recommended that you take it to the dry cleaner.

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Daniel Methews
Daniel Methews
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