How Do I Remove the Battery from My Roomba 960?

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, first, turn off the device and flip it over. Locate the battery door on the bottom of the roomba, and using a screwdriver, remove the screws securing the door.

Once the screws are removed, lift the battery door off and gently disconnect the battery from its connector. Carefully slide out the battery, and you’re all set! (introduction – 120 words) if you own a roomba 960, you may find it necessary to remove the battery at some point.

Whether it’s to replace a faulty battery or perform routine maintenance, knowing the proper steps can ensure a smooth process. Removing the battery from your roomba 960 involves a few simple steps that can be easily accomplished with the right tools and techniques. In this guide, we will provide you with clear instructions on how to remove the battery from your roomba 960, allowing you to carry out any necessary battery-related tasks efficiently and effectively. By following these steps, you can confidently remove the battery from your roomba 960, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning performance from your device.

How Do I Remove the Battery from My Roomba 960?


Inspecting The Battery Setup

Inspecting the battery setup on your roomba 960 is important for maintenance. Start by identifying the battery location and components. Familiarize yourself with the battery specifications to ensure proper handling and replacement. Understanding how to remove the battery will allow for easier troubleshooting and cleaning.

Remember to handle the battery with care and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. By inspecting the battery setup, you can extend the lifespan of your roomba 960 and ensure optimal performance. So, let’s dive in and explore the process of removing the battery.

Importance Of Removing The Battery Properly

Removing the battery from your roomba 960 properly is essential for maintaining its performance. Improper removal can lead to various issues. First, it can cause damage to the battery, affecting its lifespan and overall functionality. Second, it may result in a loss of warranty if the manufacturer detects improper battery removal.

Additionally, incorrect handling can interfere with the roomba’s charging process, causing it to not charge fully or at all. Moreover, it can negatively impact the roomba’s cleaning efficiency and runtime, reducing its effectiveness. To avoid these problems, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removing the battery.

This typically involves using a screwdriver to open the battery compartment, gently unplugging the battery connector, and removing the battery with care. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your roomba 960 continues to provide optimal cleaning performance.

Ensuring Safety Measures

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, it is crucial to follow safety measures. Firstly, ensure that the roomba is switched off. Disconnect the device from its power source by unplugging it. While handling the roomba, be cautious and gentle to prevent any damage.

Locate the battery compartment on the roomba’s underside and open it. Finally, carefully remove the battery from its compartment by pulling it out. By adhering to these instructions, you can safely remove the battery from your roomba 960 without any issues.

Gathering The Required Tools

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, it is important to gather the necessary tools. Using the right tools ensures a smooth and hassle-free battery removal process. By following these instructions, you can easily accomplish this task. Remember, starting with the correct tools is crucial to avoid any damage or complications.

Whether it’s a screwdriver, a non-metallic pry tool, or any other specific instrument, make sure you have everything handy. This step will save you time and effort later on. Using the proper tools also guarantees that you won’t unintentionally harm any parts of your roomba 960 during the battery removal process.

So, always prioritize having the right tools by your side.

Opening The Battery Compartment

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, begin by locating the battery compartment. Firstly, make sure your roomba is turned off and remove the dustbin. Look for a yellow tab on the side of the compartment. Pull it firmly to release the latch.

Gently lift the battery door to access the battery pack. Next, carefully disconnect the battery connectors by pulling them straight out. Finally, slide the battery out of its compartment. With these easy steps, you can safely remove the battery from your roomba 960 and carry out any necessary maintenance or replacement.

Keep your roomba running smoothly and efficiently for clean floors every day.

Disconnecting The Battery

To safely disconnect the battery cables of your roomba 960 and remove the battery, follow these steps. First, inspect the bottom of the roomba and identify any fasteners or straps securing the battery in place. Carefully loosen or remove these components as needed.

Once the battery is no longer physically restrained, locate the battery cables. They should be connected to the battery pack. Gently detach the connectors from the battery terminals by firmly pulling them straight out. Take caution not to damage the cables or connectors during this process.

With the connectors disconnected, the battery is now free to be removed from the roomba 960.

Removing The Battery

Removing the battery from your roomba 960 requires following proper lifting techniques to avoid damaging it. Start by turning off the robot vacuum and flipping it over. Use a screwdriver to take out the screws securing the battery compartment cover.

Carefully lift the cover, ensuring not to tug or pull forcefully. Gently disconnect the battery’s connectors by pulling them apart horizontally. Slowly and steadily pull out the battery, being cautious not to drop or mishandle it. If you encounter any difficulties during the process, double-check if the screws are completely removed or seek professional assistance if needed.

Proper handling and attention to detail will ensure a successful battery removal process for your roomba 960.

Inspecting The Battery

Inspect the roomba 960’s battery regularly to ensure optimal performance. Keep an eye out for signs of wear or damage. Look for any leaks, bulges, or corrosion on the battery. If you notice any of these issues, it is important to replace the battery.

To remove the battery, first, locate the battery compartment on the roomba 960. Then, press the battery release tabs on both sides of the compartment and lift the battery out. Make sure to handle the battery carefully and dispose of it properly.

Remember, a well-maintained battery will ensure your roomba 960 continues to work efficiently, cleaning your home with ease. So, don’t forget to monitor the battery condition and take appropriate action as needed.

Cleaning The Battery And Contacts

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, start by turning the robot upside down. Locate the battery release tab and push it towards the center of the robot. Gently pull the battery out once it is released. When cleaning the battery and its contacts, it is important to use recommended cleaning solutions and techniques.

Begin by wiping the contacts with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris. If there is stubborn dirt or residue, you can use a mild detergent mixed with water to gently clean the contacts. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they can damage the battery.

Make sure to dry the contacts thoroughly before reinserting the battery. Regularly cleaning the battery and contacts can help ensure optimal performance and prolong the lifespan of your roomba 960.

Storing And Replacing The Battery

Are you wondering how to remove the battery from your roomba 960? Let’s dive into the steps for storing and replacing the battery. When it comes to proper battery storage, it’s important to consider a few guidelines. First, make sure to remove the battery from your roomba if you plan on storing it for an extended period.

Additionally, store the battery in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Moreover, it’s crucial to fully charge the battery before storage to maintain its health. When replacing the battery in your roomba 960, start by removing the screws on the back cover.

Then, carefully disconnect the battery’s wiring harness. Finally, replace the old battery with a new one and reassemble the roomba. Following these instructions will ensure a smooth battery removal and replacement process for your roomba 960.

Battery Removal Problems And Solutions

Removing the battery from your roomba 960 may sometimes pose challenges. One common issue is difficulty in locating the battery compartment. Another problem may arise if the battery is stuck or difficult to remove. To address these issues, try troubleshooting techniques such as referring to the user manual for detailed instructions.

It is also helpful to ensure that you have the necessary tools and equipment for safely removing the battery. In some cases, gently wiggling the battery or applying slight pressure may help loosen it. If all else fails, contacting customer support or seeking professional assistance can provide further guidance.

By following these troubleshooting techniques, you can overcome battery removal problems with your roomba 960.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How Do I Remove The Battery From My Roomba 960?

How Do I Remove The Battery From My Roomba 960?

To remove the battery from your roomba 960, start by flipping the robot over. Locate the battery compartment, which is usually located near the back. Open the compartment door and carefully disconnect the battery’s wiring connectors. Finally, slide the battery out of the compartment and replace it if necessary.

Can I Replace The Battery On My Roomba 960?

Yes, you can replace the battery on your roomba 960 if it is no longer holding a charge or not performing as expected. Simply follow the steps to remove the battery and purchase a compatible replacement battery. Install the new battery by connecting the wiring connectors and sliding it into the compartment.

Is It Safe To Remove The Battery Myself?

Yes, it is safe to remove the battery from your roomba 960 by yourself. Just make sure to follow the recommended steps and handle the battery with care. Ensure the robot is powered off before attempting to remove the battery to avoid any accidents or damage.

Where Can I Buy A Replacement Battery For My Roomba 960?

You can buy a replacement battery for your roomba 960 from various online retailers or directly from the manufacturer’s website. Make sure to purchase a compatible battery specifically designed for the roomba 960 to ensure proper fit and performance.

How Long Does The Battery Usually Last On The Roomba 960?

The battery life of the roomba 960 can vary depending on usage and environmental factors. On average, the battery can last for up to 75 minutes of continuous cleaning before requiring a recharge. However, factors such as carpeted surfaces or increased debris may impact the battery life.


To remove the battery from your roomba 960, it’s a fairly simple process that can be done in a few steps. Start by locating the battery compartment, which is usually found on the underside of the robot vacuum. Next, ensure that the roomba is turned off and unplugged from the power source.

Use a screwdriver to remove any screws securing the battery door. Once the battery door is open, carefully disconnect the battery’s wiring harness from the terminals and gently slide the battery out. Remember to replace the old battery with a new one that is compatible with your roomba model.

This ensures optimal performance and prolongs the life of your robot vacuum. By following these easy steps, you can successfully remove and replace the battery of your roomba 960, keeping it running efficiently for years to come.

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