5 Best Slime Bag For Above Ground Pools in 2023

Are you a pool owner or searching for a slime bag for your pool? If you have an above-ground pool, it’s essential to find the perfect slime bag to keep it clean and clear. In this article, we’ll guide you through selecting the best slime bag for above ground pools.

What is a slime bag?

A slime bag for pool cleaning is a specialized accessory used to collect and remove fine debris and particles from swimming pools. It is designed to work in conjunction with pool cleaning equipment such as automatic pool cleaners or manual pool vacuum systems.

The slime bag is typically made of a fine mesh material that allows water to pass through while trapping small particles, such as leaves, insects, sand, or dirt. Its purpose is to prevent these particles from entering and clogging the pool’s filtration system, which could lead to reduced efficiency or potential damage.

To use a slime bag, it is usually attached to the pool cleaning equipment, such as the skimmer basket or the suction inlet, depending on the specific setup. As water flows through the system, the slime bag captures debris, preventing it from reaching the pool’s filter or pump. Once the cleaning session is complete, the slime bag can be removed, emptied, and rinsed for future use.

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By using a slime bag during pool cleaning, pool owners can enhance the efficiency of their cleaning equipment and protect the overall health of their pool system. It helps to maintain a cleaner pool environment and extends the lifespan of the pool’s filtration system, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and potential repairs.

Slime bags causes and treatment

Slime Bag For Above Ground Pools
Slime Bag For Above-Ground Pools

What causes slime in above ground pools? Or sometimes one asks, why are the sides of my pool slimy? A majority of pools accumulate slime due to poor pool maintenance. It’s an indication that algae and bacteria grow in your pool, making the walls slippery and slimy. Algae are known to be the basic cause of making the pool feel slimy. It mainly grows on stagnant water.

Water chemistry application is essential for maintaining clean and bacteria or algae-free water. Failure to treat the pool in good time will only lead to more expenses on resources or render it unusable. More other slime causes include;

  • Pink lime– This is caused by bacterial overgrowth in a pool or sometimes reduced water circulation.
  • Chlorine– It makes wet pool materials feel slimy. The texture is felt when touching the water with chlorine residue hands or dust.

The following are ways you can treat the above causes;

Filter cleaning

If your pool water feels slimy, then know it’s an algae growth indicator. The best way to remove the growth is first to clean the pool filter. Make it clear before any chemical addition.

There are filters with their backwashing cleaning methods, including sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth. In backwashing, the filter is enabled to clear all debris and dirt that was collected during its working. Clean filters are great for chemical circulation and avoiding bacterial increases.


Pool material suppliers recommend cleaning the pool regularly with algaecides for maintenance.

On the other side, individuals mainly believe it’s mainly suitable when the algae bloom. It’s not correct because algaecide should be used as part of the pool’s usual maintenance for preventing its continual growth.

Routinely use algaecide if your pool gets slimy regularly because it’ll help clean your pool rather than hurting it. Avoid using too much more than advised because it may bring surds to the pool.

Brush and shock

Do you know what naturally kills algae? It’s simple- using the brush. Algae mostly thrive in bacteria-filled water, and slime is a true bacterial indication that requires control.

Start by brushing off the pool’s surfaces with a brush before adding a shock treatment. Consider the pool’s water amount to give its proportionate water shock. Shock treatments are available in forms like granular and liquid and are very effective and fast in killing growing bacteria.

Test the pool water

After backwashing the filter as a cleaning method to rid of slime, it should be running. Find a testing strip or kit from your local supplier and use it to find out the aspects that need readjustments. Expect the water to feel slimy, especially when there’s a hot wave with temperatures exceeding the usual range.

Also, chlorine would dissolve faster in warm water. Pour an adequate amount of chlorine as guided by the kit to have it in its normal range.

The 5 Best Slime Bag For Above Ground Pools

X-tra polishing slime bag, 18’’ by 30’’

X-tra polishing type is also recognized as one of the best bags in this slime bag review. It’s a dust and silk bag for the pool. It filters particles through a sand filter when water passes through it at around 50 microns. Thereafter, the water gets polished by the slime bag at nearly one micron. Its backwash eliminates dirt and dead algae, allowing water back to the pool in a clean and sparkling state.

This helps save on chemical and water expenses. You should drain the backwash water during the first half an hour prior to attaching the X-tra polishing slime bag. You can then direct the water back to the pool to save this heated water with chemical adjustments.

Bye Guanide slime bag

The Bye Guanide gets rid of water molds related to non-chlorine cleaners and filtering 0.5 microns. Additionally, it removes pollens, algae, and other air particles. Suppliers highly advise that other slime bags be utilized first before using the Bye Guanide. It measures 24” by 36”. Its highest flow rate is 40 gallons in a minute at 50psi. It’s also non-cleanable, meaning it offers a one-time use only. Previous users have recommended it for its seamlessness in functioning the purpose meant. 

The slime bag pool water polishing bag

The patent bag can be used in place of Intex pool users. Its filters particulate into one-micron sizes. It’s an outstanding porous substance combination allowing for fine filtration of particles as it allows water to permeate back to the pool. Works perfectly to remove particles not cleared by the Intex filter. Having a clean pool will spare you the burden of buying pool replacements or renovating.

This slime bag operates on all pool models. It could be in-ground, metallic, blow-up made ponds, and above ground. In cases where the steel wall in or above ground pools, its slime bag is attached to the return wall port with an adapter sold differently. It’s available on the slime bag amazon website.

9’’ by 30’’ Filler’ up bag

The Filler slime bag limits iron and dirt passage during refilling or topping off the pool. You need the Filler bag when filling your pool. It’s because numerous water surfaces and well-supplied water systems have settled iron and dirt particles at the bottom surface. It can be critical to remove such substances with pool vacuuming operations.

Backwash or DE slime bag

The backwash slime bag also removes dead algae and other dirt kinds and lets pool water back in a sparkling clean state. Allow the backwash water to drain for 30 minutes before you attach the slime bag. It clears backwash water to one micron as it filters DE to allow easier disposal. It also allows a flow rate of 125 gallons in a minute at 50 psi.

Frequently Answered Questions

What is silt in a pool?

Pool silt is caused by water debris seeming like dust in the air that can only be seen after landing on a surface. It comes in various ways. An example is very fine particles pass through when the debris is being vacuumed.

The fine silt gets suspended in water and remains invisible until it accumulates later. Automatic cleaners can also stir up the silt leaving it unseen in earlier days. Instead of using automated methods to vacuum, switch to manual to get rid of all particles.

How do you make a slime bag?

To make a DIY slime bag for the pool, the following requirements are needed; a ziplock bag, one tablespoon of water, one tablespoon of PVA glue, food coloring- optional, and a tablespoon of borax solution. Use the following steps in making your bag;

  • Mix water and glue in the plastic bag.
  • If colored slime is desired, add food coloring in equal proportion.
  • Seal the bag then gently squeeze it for mixing the contents.
  • Unseal the bag then add borax. Reseal and squeeze softly

How do I keep my inflatable pool from getting slimy?

Keep your inflatable pool from becoming slimy by wiping it dry after use. Eliminating moisture ultimately limits the growth of algae or mildew.

If your pool is bigger, then more work is needed, such as using disinfection and filters.

Furthermore, other traditional means could also help. For example, using a skimmer for removing debris. Sometimes even a pool cover may be great to keep your pool away from slime.

What is the best filtration system for above-ground pools?

Talking of what is the best filtration system for above-ground pools, think Hayward ProSeries sand filter. It’s installed 18 inches above the ground comprising a 20-inch tank.

It contains seven differently situated valves that enhance maximum flow at low pressure. It’s simple to install due to the pump-to-filter connection. Additionally, it has a diffuser on top for even water distribution.

Should I put chlorine in my inflatable pool?

Yes, only in the recommended amounts by the test kit. For instance, if using chlorine tablets, use one or three tabs in a chlorine floater. Inflatable pools just require half or one three times a tablet every week.

Use the kit to follow the instructions for giving a constant two to three ppm chlorine level.

Is it safe to put bleach in a kiddie pool?

To maintain a kiddie pool properly, you need household bleach in the required amounts. Typical household bleach has similar chlorine and chemical amounts, as chlorine bleach.

The difference is found in the chlorine amounts in pool chlorine and bleach. Bleach is suggested to work well in water disinfection that’s good to keep children safer from emergency infections.

How do you keep a kiddie pool clean without draining?                      

Buy a kiddie pool cover that fits completely. You can also purchase a scumbug that’s used for absorbing oil above and below the pool water. The spongy substances absorb more than 40 times their weight helping maintain your kiddie pool clean.  

Additionally, you can use a pool skimmer for blowing into the pool daily. It’s an excellent tool for also catching butterflies and fireflies. The aqua broom is also a great handy tool for pool cleaning.

It vacuums up sand, dust, and dirt at the pool’s bottom. It’s very good for small pools, not bigger sizes.

How long after putting bleach in the pool can you swim?

After the addition of water-balancing chemicals, it’s recommended that you wait four hours before swimming in the pool. It’s certainly safe for your skin and body after the chemical levels decrease to 5ppm or after a whole day.

Can I put above ground pool on grass?

Yes, you can. However, without carefulness, you might get disappointed. To install, start by lawn mowing and removing any stones and debris.

hereafter, brush up using a rake before laying a durable groundsheet for pool installation. Remember to find out the implications of installing the pool, including the neighbor’s proximity, land topography, the law, lawn layout, and possible noise. You should also consider your pool’s weight.

Why is the bottom of my pool always dirty?

The pool bottom may be dirty every day even after cleaning due to a poorly working vacuum filter. A malfunctioning vacuum works poorly because it needs cleaning in most cases. In case it has sandpaper, then ensure it’s always sharp and freshened.

The Bottom Line

Using the slime bag for pool water filtration is an excellent way of maintaining your pool’s cleanliness. Using other methods like adding chemicals and filtering is tie wasting without the perfectness expected.

The work quality is average and costly with silt build-up every day, but things are different with the different slime bags. To illustrate, the water clarity improves, and no silt is built up.

 Earlier buyers have commended the performance on debris and no cloudiness appearance in pools. No more time consuming on vacuuming, sweeping, and water testing.

It’s also favorable in power consumption and environmentally friendly. With all these valuable reasons put together, using slime bags is highly recommended to pool owners and those aspiring to construct. Choose slime bags for minimal expense and effort use.

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