Hoover Windtunnel Overheating Problems?


Are you tensed about the overheating of your Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner? Are you confused about the reason behind the overheating?

Then you are in the right place to find your answers. We have all the answers related to your question along with blissful and easy solutions which will help you to solve Hoover Windtunnel overheating problems in absolutely no time.

Remember, most of the reasons for vacuum cleaner problem are not knowing the proper way to use. Sometimes some problems we face are not even problems about which you will come to know below.

Is It Worth Fixing A Vacuum Cleaner?

That’s a tough question actually. And the answer is positive. Vacuum cleaners doesn’t come for free and when it is a Hoover Windtunnel, you may have paid a good amount of money. So, why not to fix when it is easily fixable.

Most of the issues with the vacuum cleaners are easily fixable and takes very little time to fix. Like the clogging issues, overheating problems, brush roll stopping, etc.

These are very common and easily fixable problems and worthy to fix. But notice one thing, some issues with vacuum cleaners are not easily fixable like the motor damage and all.

If you try to fix such problems you may lose more money then you want to. So, when the problem is big just get a new one and remember “nothing lives forever.”

Hoover Windtunnel Overheating Problems

What is troubleshooting? to find the problem with the extensive analysis is the process called troubleshooting. to find out the exact problem troubleshooting is very essential.

In the case of the Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner, if you are facing any kind of problem then you have to troubleshoot it to know what is wrong.

Like the problem, we are going to discuss this. The Hoover Windtunnel Overheating is the problem we are going to discuss which can be caused by many reasons.

Many things like filter clogging, brush roll strangle, or dust cul filling. Anything can be the reason for the overheating. So it is not easy to determine the exact problem without troubleshooting.

To troubleshoot your Hoover Windtunnel you must have to go through some steps. Following these steps will lead you to the way of finding the exact problem.


  1. Check the filter. If the filter is clogged or holding excessive dirt then the wind flow of the vacuum cleaner can get interrupted and that will create overheating problems.
  2. Next, see the dust cup if it is full. The overflow of the dust cup is one of the main reasons for overheating.
  3. Watch if the hose line is getting any obstacle. If the end of the hose line gets any clog then the wind flow gets interrupted and the machine gets overheated.
  4. Finally, the problem in the plugin you have to check along with any problem in the motor. If the motor has issues then see for the experts.

Solution Of The Overheating Problem Of Hoover Windtunnel

The stage of troubleshooting is over. Now it is time to solve the problem. Below you will find the solution one after another.

Apply the one that your Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner will need.

Filter Is Clogged

Filter Is Clogged
Filter Is Clogged

If you have the issue in the filter then this should be your first step to solve the problem. Check if the filter is full of dirt. If it is then clean it with water as soon as possible. Remember, not all the filters are water washable.

And if the filter is fully damaged then change it in no time. It is better to change the filter every 3-6 months.

Hose Line Clogging

Hose Line Clogging
Hose Line Clogging

To solve this problem first you have to disassemble the hose line of the vacuum cleaner. Then clean it thoroughly with the flow of water and problem solved.

After cleaning remember to dry it out fully and then assemble it.

Dust Cup Filled

Dust Cup Filled
Dust Cup Filled

During vacuuming sometimes we forgot to clean the dust cup which is the reason for overheating. So, keep your eyes on the dust cup and empty it as soon as possible.

Brush Roll Clogging

Brush Roll Clogging
Brush Roll Clogging

The brush roll of the vacuum cleaner has a brush roll agitator which happens to look on the very front of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes the hairs and other stringy things clog the brush roll so the operation of the vacuum cleaner gets slower and takes much time to clean. So, clean the clogging of the brush roll as soon as possible.

Note: Do not run the vacuum cleaner for more than 30 minutes at once. To run it more than that can cause overheating and also always properly plug in the machine.

Some Common Hoover Windtunnel Issues to Solve

Although this article is fully on the overheating problems but some of the common issues related to the vacuum cleaner we have included. These are some very common problems that you may face almost every week. Those are like bonus treats so you do not have to look for here and there.

Hoover Windtunnel vacuum shuts off

Hoover Windtunnel vacuum shuts off video

The automatic shutting off of the Hoover Windtunnel is one of the very regular issues. There are two major reasons for this problem.

  • If your device is not properly plugged in then it turns off without any notice and automatically.
  • If the device is running for a very long time and not getting any rest then it can get overheated and automatically turns off.

Hoover Windtunnel brush not spinning

Hoover Windtunnel brush not spinning video

The brush roll of the vacuum cleaner is the most important part. It directly deals with the dirt. The paused spinning of this part can cause many problems to the vacuum cleaner. The reasons for this problem mainly are:

  • If the controlling belt of the brush roll is damaged. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  • If hair gets clogged in the rotor.

Learn more: Repair Clinic

Hoover vacuum smoking

Hoover vacuum smoking video

If you are smelling something burning when using the vacuum cleaner and noticing smoke then immediately turn off your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes because of some issues the vacuum cleaner can burn and release very dangerous smoke. The main reasons for this problem are:

  • The motor of the vacuum cleaner is damaged because of overheating or you plugged it into a faulty line.
  • The rotor is not moving but the vacuum is running which creates a lot of friction and also damages time and creates smoke.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does Hoover WindTunnel have a fuse?

You may have noticed that most of the electrical home appliances that require high power supply come with a fuse which saves the machine from getting damaged if the power overflows.

The Hoover Windtunnel is not different from that. As it is a powerful vacuum cleaner, it comes with a powerful motor for effective suctioning which requires a heavy load of power.

So, the machines come with a fuse. The fuse saves the machines from the unwanted overflow of power. When the power overflows it automatically switches off the machines and saves it from getting damaged.

Why is my Hoover WindTunnel so loud?

Vacuum cleaners are one of those machines that run with a heavily powerful motor. And, the Hoover Windtunnel is widely known for its heavy built.

The motor in it is very powerful and heavy which assures great suctioning and also makes a bit noisier environment. The noise it makes is tolerable and natural but if you can’t tolerate the noise of the machine then something is wrong with that which needs your attention.

The most common reason for the unwanted noise of the vacuum cleaner if filter clogging. The filter is the part of the vacuum cleaner which deals with the dirt in a big quantity so it gets clogged sometimes.

Because of the clogging, the vacuum cleaner makes unwanted noise. So, if your Hoover is getting louder then check the filter immediately and if clogged clean it as soon as possible.

Why is my Hoover WindTunnel not spinning?

The roller brush spinning fails of the Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaners are very common. As this vacuum cleaner is a powerful one the brush rolls of this vacuum cleaner spins very fast and because of that the brush control belts get damaged earlier.

When the brush control belt gets damaged the roller brush of your machine stops to move and makes trouble. It is better to change the belt every six months.

Another thing is, sometimes because of the pet hairs and other threadlike materials the roller brush gets clogged and stops moving.

How do you fix a Hoover vacuum when brushes are not moving?

The brush roll issue with the vacuum cleaners is very normal. It is not one of the matters to give so much attention. These kinds of problems happen because of silly reasons which you can solve easily.

First, check the belt if it is broken. If broken, change it as soon as possible. Follow the instructions given by the user manual to change the belt.

If the belt is ok, then check for the roller brush. Sometimes dirt strangles the roller brush and gets it clogged so clean it so it can move again.

Remember to keep the belt in the right position when you are changing it. Keep a look so the belt is in the middle, if it places in the very corner then you will face complications.

How do you unclog a Hoover Windtunnel?

Clogging in the vacuum cleaners is not even an issue, it is very natural and a very problem very easy to solve. As the vacuum cleaners deal with a great amount of dirt, different parts of the machine get clogged sometimes.

If your Hoover Windtunnel is clogged then do not get tensed just check some things. The major parts of the vacuum cleaner that gets clogged are the filter, hose line, and roller brush.

These parts of the vacuum cleaners have direct dealing with dirt and debris so sometimes because of not cleaning for a long period creates clogs.

You can easily remove the clogs following the user manuals provided with the Hoover Windtunnel. Also, as you know the parts of the Hoover are very easy to assemble and disassemble so unclogging will not be very hard.

Why has my Hoover lost suction?

Losing of suction in the Hoover vacuum cleaners is not a problem the sudden loss of suction happens because of the wrong usage of the machine. Because of some mismanagement, the Hoover vacuum cleaners lose its suction.

  1. If the dirtbag is full then the machine can lose its suction. So, empty the bag whenever it needs to.
  2. It the accessory hose of the vacuum cleaner gets clogged then it can lose suction. So, check if your one has any hose blockage.
  3. The improper assembly can sometimes be the reason for the unwanted suction loss. Also, the damaged motor can create a loss of suction.


Every solution of Hoover Windtunnel overheating problems is now on your hands. This journey of Hoover troubleshooting has a great impact now on your vacuuming experience.

All the information included here will help you with your journey further in your vacuuming experience. They will be very useful whenever your hoover troubles.

Finally, one thing to say and that is, if your vacuum cleaner has lived for enough age then change it. You can find many extraordinarily designed vacuum cleaners by Hoover in the market which works more efficiently and faster.

It is better to have a new one after the warranty for the present one ends. And keep in mind, machines are not made to live forever. After the date expires, it starts to destroy by itself.

Also, not properly using the vacuum cleaner damages it and the reason for overheating. So, use your vacuum cleaner carefully and give it rest as much as it needs.

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