Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Review: Most Advanced Technology

Looking for the most advanced cleaning assistant? Nothing but the Ecovas Deebot Ozmo 960 is the best choice without any doubt.

This robot vacuum cleaner offers the most advanced artificial intelligence comparing others available in the market. In your absence, it can be the best cleaning companion with its amazing features.

Reviewing a single gadget is quite challenging. It takes a lot of time to choose one when hundreds are on the row. We did it for you.

Keeping aside other words, this cleaning gadget has shown amazing performance and ability in our trial. From that trial experience this Ecovas Deebot Ozmo 960 review we prepared.

So, no time to loosing on words. Let’s have some practical experience through the journey of words.

Is It Worth Buying A Robot Vacuum cleaner?

Is It Worth Buying A Robot Vacuum cleaner
Robot Vacuum cleaner

Before you jump on the review this segment is very crucial. If you are checking for a review you may be in search of something that you have made the mind of buying.

But without knowing it is really worthy of spending money is totally a waste. In the case of the robot vacuum cleaners that’s a must.

First of all the robot vacuum cleaners are the most expensive ones to buy. They are not for all actually. Mostly the medium-sized houses of 4, 5 persons require ones like that.

As they travel on their own, more people in the house can interrupt more in action, and can these vacuum cleaners can be the reason for uncertain accidents.

If you are living in a small or medium-sized house with your partner or alone, then these are the right choice.

If you are a working person and having a pet then they are best as they can clean your house when you are not at home.

All in all, a bigger house with more people needs something bigger like the canister or upright vacuum cleaners. if you stay out of the house a lot of time and having a newborn then the robot vacuum cleaners are the best choice.

What Is The Best Deebot Vacuum?

All the vacuum cleaners that the company Ecovas made are one of kind and one is better than others but comparing others on their Deebot line up the Ecovas Deebot Ozmo 960 is the best of all time in performance and features.

It is the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner you may find in the market. It comes with the most upgraded AIVI technology.

Literally, when other robot vacuum cleaners notice the obstacles by sensors it can see them with the camera in front of this machine.

It can map the whole surface and obstacles and it is the most successful robot vacuum cleaner in finding the obstacles in its path.

When you have this one in your house you have to think absolutely about nothing.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Pros and Cons

This one will be the most favorite part of yours in this whole writing. This pros and cons section will make you have full imagery of the device.

Remember, no product is only with goodness. When there is light there must be the shadow. Let’s know about the Pros and cons of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960.


  • Phenomenal suctioning ability comparing others.
  • Picks up every single dirt and debris from the surface.
  • Amazing performance in deep cleaning carpets.
  • Comes with suction only option for hardwood floors.
  • The hairs don’t tangle on the brush.
  • Collects almost all sizes of debris.
  • The mapping of this one is customizable.


  • Battery life has been considered due to more features.
  • Struggles to clean down the furniture.

Ecovacs Deebot Features

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Features

The thing that makes a product individual and different from all is its features. And, features of this Ozmo 960 makes the best of all.

This one has features that you may not find in any other vacuum cleaners on the market. So, what you get on this vacuum cleaner as features are:

High Suction Power

The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is almost about 15 CFM which is comparably the best and most in the robot vacuums available. This amazing suction power and airflow of the vacuum cleaner makes it able to collect almost every single specs of dirt.

Adjustable Brush Roll

The thing that makes it collect every single spec of dirt from any surface no matter if it is hardwood floor or carpet is the adjustable brush roll. The brush roll of this vacuum cleaner can adjust itself depending on the floor height which makes it able to clean deeply. 

All Suction Feature

Besides the brush roll adjustment, you will get the all suction mouth which makes it work more efficiently. This one is the best option if your house is full of hard flooring.

Mopping facility

This Ozmo 960 vacuum cleaner doesn’t just vacuum but also mops the floor for you. It comes with an attached mop and water tank which releases splashes of water whenever it needs.

AIVI(Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation)

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation
Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation

The most highlighted feature of this Robot vacuum is the AIVI feature. We all are known about the use of artificial intelligence in the robot vacuum cleaners but this one is one step further.

Along with artificial intelligence, it has visual interpretation ability. This vacuum cleaner doesn’t just sense the obstacle but can see it with the camera in front of it.

The camera gives it the visual interpretation ability to locate the obstacle exactly and to avoid it. So, other ones when senses it when get bumped it can locate it even before getting close to it.

Automatic mapping

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Automatic mapping
Automatic mapping

With the laser on the top, this gadget maps the house fully in a single run. After the mapping is done it will work fully by itself. Also, you can customize the mapping of this device.

Low Noise Level

Believe it or not, this Ozmo 960 produces lesser sound in caparison with others available in the market. It produces only the sound of 60dB which is almost 10dB less than other available devices.

Gentle Dirt cup

Not so big, not so small but it has a gentle sized dirt cup which is 500ml. most of the robot vacuum cleaner comes with a dirt cup of this measurement.

Auto charging

Like most robot vacuum cleaners, it can automatically reach its charging dock when it needs to be charged.

Dual edge brush

It has two large edge brushes which help to broom the surface and also helps to collect the dirt in a proper way.

Deebot Ozmo 960 Performance

As we already have said that this robot vacuum cleaner is one of a kind and the most advanced with features you can find in the market.

This was just talk, but to prove its ability we had to go through practical testing which resulted in this performance outcome.

First of all, the performance phrase of a robot vacuum starts with its controlling in which this Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 did a great job.

This device with wifi connects fast and once connected you get full control over it. Then it maps your house with the laser beam and then you can fix the area where you want it to go and where you want it not to go.

Then the amazing 15CFM suction power of this vacuum cleaners collects almost every dirt from the floor and carpet.

The auto adjustable brush roll design helps it to deep clean carpet. And the mopping facility keeps your floor shiny always.

The brush roll of this vacuum cleaner is the best one we have seen so far. No hair tangles when on work. The battery life of this vacuum cleaner is a bit considered as it has more features than others.

With a single charge, it can run for 100 minutes max. when in the low battery it can doc itself and charge fully. Except for all that, it has some lacking.

Like because of the height it can’t go under the furniture. The dual-edge brushes are too long and speedy that also scatters the debris here and there but that is not a very big deal as it cleans its own mess.

All in all this one the best available in the market and spending money on it is a worthy decision.

Deebot Ozmo 960 vs 950

These two products of Deebot line up are the successors of one another. the Ozmo 960 can be called the successor of the Ozmo 950.

Except for the AIVI feature, they are quite the same in the feature. The suction power of 950 is better than the 960 also in battery life the Ozmo 950 wins as it runs for almost 200 minutes when the Ozmo 960 only runs for 100 minutes.

But, you can’t ignore the feature of visual interpretation. In our test, the Ozmo 950 almost gets bumped in every obstacle when the 960 passes it without even touching.

The 950 can create a mess if you have a pet that has no control on its bum. The 960 has mastery on it and it can pass the debris that it is not supposed to touch in a buttery way.

The pricing of those has a great difference. In every aspect, the 960 wins the race and passes every test.


Does Deebot need WiFi?

Yes! Like most other robot vacuum cleaners this Deeboot Ozmo 960 and other Deebot vacuum cleaners need wifi to be potentially operated.

The robot vacuum cleaners don’t have switch control like regular vacuum cleaners. They are operated by apps and the apps need wifi to run.

A machine like this can’t get sim cards like mobile phones but they need to be connected with the phone continuously.

So, to keep the operation continue and to get the best of the vacuum cleaners’ performance they will need wifi. Hope you have got your answer.

Does Deebot work on carpet?

The Robot vacuum cleaners are not always best on carpets except for the Ecovas Deebot Ozmo 960. The robot vacuum cleaners that the Deebot makes are best in performance in the carpet deep cleaning.

Individually the Ozmo 960 because of its extraordinary brush roll auto adjustment feature cleans up the carpets deeply.

Every single last piece of debris from the carpet gets collected by the vacuum cleaner and at last, a clean and clean carpet is left behind.

For your kind information, the Ozmo 960 comes with two attachments like only suction and brush roll suction. So no worry about how the surface is, it will clean.

Is Ecovacs Deebot good?

No product is fully good or fully bad. It depends on the customers’ satisfaction with how good a product is. And, in the case of Ecovas Deebot vacuum cleaners, it is the same.

There are not a huge number of robot vacuum manufacturers. The number of robot vacuum manufacturers is very few.

And those who make it not all good at all. All have some downsides. But from the few of them, the Ecobas Deebot has always got the best customer feedback because of their all-time upgrading technology and durable features.

So, depending on the performances and customer feedback, it can be said that the Ecovas Deebot is good to vacuum cleaners.

Does Deebot map your house?

With the laser on top, the Deebot robot vacuum cleaners can map your house fully. They can automatically do it or you can command them in mapping the house using the app that controls it.

The amazing laser that maps the house is very efficient and helps the vacuum cleaner to clean the house without interruption.

Also, as we have already said, you can customize the map as you want so the cleaner doesn’t reach the areas you don’t like to.

This extraordinary feature helps you to keep the machine away from the wet surface and all. Also when you are working on the kitchen you may not like to be interrupted by the vacuum cleaner.

So, the Deebot maps the house so the cleaning operation remains continuous and uninterrupted.

Which is better Roomba or Deebot?

Both Roomba and Deebot are best in performance. Both are leading robot vacuum brands you can find in the market. Both use extraordinary features and advanced AI but there are certain differences.

First of all the Deebot line up of Ccovas vacuum cleaners offers the most advanced AI at a very reasonable price when the Roomba comes with a much higher price.

They both use the same mapping style and commanding style. Both of them runs with wifi connectivity and remote control feature.

The Deebot ones are available in different color varieties when the Roomba you can find only in one color.

So, comparing all the features, performance, and price the Deebot vacuum cleaners are better.

Why is my Deebot going in circles?

That is not a big deal. Most of the time because of the hair tanglings in the wheels of the vacuum cleaner makes it circling.

You can easily check it and remove the hairs to solve the problem. Also sometimes because of wrong mapping, the machine can do such odd behavior so check if you have customized the mapping right.

Lastly, because of software issues and wrong settings, this problem can happen. So check it also, update the software regularly so the work remains uninterrupted.

After all, if the problem is still there then contact the seller immediately.

Which robot vacuum goes in straight lines?

All the robot vacuum cleaners go in a straight line until it finds any obstacle on its way. If it travels without any reason then it can lose its charge for no reason.

Mostly the ones that have laser sensor identifies the object and maps its path like the Roomba. But in the case of Deebot, the newest ones come with a camera that can see the obstacle and changes its path.

The way the robot vacuum cleaner depends on its mapping. After the mapping, it decides which path it will travel.


So, at the end of this reviewing journey, you almost have mastered on the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960. Everything you need to know about it is included and discussed in this article.

Hope you have taken your buying decision by this time. We are not saying this one is not with any downside but comparing others this one wins every test and gets the best marks.

Also, this is one with the most advanced and newest technology you can not worry about the price. With these features, the price is over perfect and remember good things cost a bit higher.

But when you compare the pricing with other less featured ones this one wins. So, be a winner by getting the winner.

No more talk, it is time to get the best cleaning companion and live happily.

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