5+ Best Oil Stain Remover For Concrete

Are you troubled with oil stains on your car? Do you know the best solutions for removing oil stains from concrete? How will you feel if I helped you battle the stains for good? I guess you will be relieved.

Well, throughout history, concrete is mainly used in garages, sidewalks, at home, and driveways. Nevertheless, it’s famous for holding onto stubborn stains- don’t even respond to scrubbing.

 You might think applying any detergent or bleach cleaner might be a remedy, but it’s not so apparent that they’ll work. Most of them lack the stain removal formula.

If you need a quicker solution for such stains, find the best oil stain remover for concrete. The best concrete oil stain remover will help get rid of grease, motor oil, transmission fluid, and other messes.

This blog will help you understand the best oil stain removers for use in your family and industry. When going to purchase, never worry about the price if you really need a solution to the stain challenge. There are also budgets for products with a minimum or maximum price.

You’ll simply look at the descriptions and features and see the one that fits your needs. This article contains the five best oil stain removers for concrete. Please keep reading to acquire more knowledge.

What’s the best oil stain remover from concrete?

What’s the best oil stain remover from concrete
best oil stain remover from concrete

Cleaning concrete may be very frustrating than other materials. It’s because concrete is mainly in exposed areas, including warehouses, driveways, and others. These stained get hardened with time, making it more complex to remove. Exposing it to paint, oil, dirt, or grim may give the toughest assignment ever.

The good news is; we’ve got various concrete cleaning methods not regarding how bad the stain grows. The best oil stain remover from concrete are ACT Microbial concrete cleaner, GP66 Miracle cleaner, Oil eater, Eximo concrete cleaner, and others as looked at later in the article. Getting yourself one shouldn’t be a challenge. Additionally, you can buy a concrete cleaning machine for magical works on that surface.

  1. Best oil remover from concrete: ( ACT Microbial concrete cleaner )
  2. Best concrete oil stain remover ( GP66 miracle cleaner)
  3. Best concrete stain remover ( Terminator- HSD concrete )
  4. Best rust remover for concrete ( Rid O Rust stain remover )
  5. Best oil stain remover for concrete AutoZone ( Krude Kutter )
  6. Best oil stain remover for the concrete driveway ( EXIMO cleaner )
  7. Wd-40 remove oil stains from concrete

1. ACT Microbial concrete cleaner

best for concrete ACT Microbial concrete cleaner

The ACT Microbial cleaner is eco-friendly. It works by literally consuming the dirt and removing odours. From the reaction involved, only carbon dioxide and water remain. It’s the best oil remover from concrete. Do you understand the term bioremediation? It describes contaminants cleaning through micro-organisms. The process is what happens here, clearing contaminates from any surfaces, including mildew and mould. The process is very simple; brush the affected surface and leave it. Repeat after every 14 days. 

The product’s effectiveness is gladly surprising, leaving users with no doubt anymore. You only need a broom plus water, and you won’t regret its cost. It’s worth spending on it. Its sealing lid is excellent for proper shaking out when using without any spills. Therefore, for the best concrete stain removal, opt ACT Microbial cleaner; be it on your garage floor, driveway, patio, parking garage, or parking lot. What you need most is a little patience for results to show. Remember, you’re dealing with living micro-organisms. For this reason, it takes time for them to consume all the contaminants. Application after every fortnight until all stains go shouldn’t wear you out- because if it means not polluting the environment, doesn’t it deserve? It definitely does.

ManufacturerAmerican Cleaning Technologies
Part numberCC-2.5
Package Quantity1
Model numberCC-2.5lb

What We Like

  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Quick and easy application

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs time to see results


ACT Microbial is the fastest, easiest, and best oil remover from concrete. It’s safe for use near plants and animals. Besides, there are no damages traces on surfaces after use.

GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner Super Size! (32 oz.) Powerful American Made Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner Cleans Over 1,000 Surface Types

GP66 Miracle cleaner for concrete

GP66 means Green Power of 1966. It’s an artificial product but doesn’t mean an environmental destroyer. Consider it as the best concrete oil stain remover. Originally, it was created for industrial usage.  The water-based cleaning agent is extremely concentrated and can produce another over 60 spray bottles when diluted. However, when handling tougher stains, you can use it concentrated for faster impact.

Do you know how it works? Yes, it breaks the water surface tension for allowing its penetration into the stains- something most cleaners don’t do. But, this shouldn’t surprise you because some people even use it to wash dishes and laundry. Reviews from previous indicate how incredible this product works. They mostly use it in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, and many more. Its high price is undoubted because it’s not only a concrete cleaner but also an all-round cleaning resolution.

The GP66 product may not work for all. Some people have expressed a few issues when cleaning using it. Again, its concentration gives it powerful fumes. It’d, therefore, be best if you opened the windows when using the water-based cleaning agent to remove concrete stains.

ManufacturerAmerican made
Weight9.2 pounds
Dimensions6 by 6 by 12
Diluting64 spray bottles

What We Like

  • Comes concentrated
  • Biodegradable
  • NSF approved
  • An all-round cleaner

What We Don’t Like

  • Strong odour


While GP66 was formerly industrial made, it’s the most powerful oil stain remover. It kills the hardest grease, oil dirt, and grime. It can also be used at home for household cleaning.

Terminator-HSD Eco-Friendly Bio-Remediates and Removes Oil & Grease Stains on Concrete and Asphalt Driveways, Garages, Pavers, Patios, Parking Lots, Streets and Warehouses(2 LB)

The terminator is eco-friendly and lacks chemicals completely. The products work between 40F and 100F. It ensures safer stain removal in very few application making your surface spotless. Just let it damp for a few weeks before dissolving the harder stains. The product needs to be kept wet, though it may dry up on a hot day.

It works by terminating any tough stains caused by grease, grime, and other hydrocarbons. Its formula bio remediates before starting to clean the stains. The terminator breaks down, dissolving the oils resulting in water and carbon dioxide as by-products.

Concerning customer satisfaction, its ease of use wins a lot of users. While it offers very few features and specifications, the customers don’t go for other options, but this. Reviews by users say that it can clear in two weeks after using one or two applications. The transfer of clients to other products is almost nil.

Weight2 pounds
Dimensions7.1’’ by 3.6’’ by 3.6’’

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Treats driveways, patios, warehouses
  • The powder is better than liquid cleaners

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit expensive
  • Harder stains may leave marks


Terminator removes oil stains with no chemical use. It uses microbes to eat the oil, thus remove deep stains. It’s legit and worth being trusted.

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Oil Eater Cleaner

Oil Eater Cleaner

The oil eater product is also environmentally friendly and approved by USDA for non-food usage. We can’t forget to mention it when talking of the best oil stain remover for concrete. It works by dissolving grease and oil. No abrasives, harsh chemicals, or acids are involved. Simply dilute and comfortably maximize its use, putting in mind that it’s entirely biodegradable. 

The cleaner works best on new spillages. But, we’re not suggesting that it doesn’t work on aged spills. Be sure it also serves perfectly. Give it time to soak before brushing off the stains. It shouldn’t take too long though- properly works for rainier environments. Don’t worry about damaging plants because it’s harmless.

The product is no-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-corrosive. Diluting is recommended when applying cleaning on other surfaces that aren’t concrete. The dilution procedure is provided on the chart to help attain maximum function. Try it on the carpet, decks, bathroom tiles, machinery, or laundry for stain removal, and you won’t regret it. Industrial uses could include machinery, engines, floor scrubbers, pressure washers, and tools. It’s also used in garages, restaurant, and quick lubes.

ManufacturerOil Eater
Dimensions12’’ by 3’’ by 12’’
ModelCleaner Degreaser
BrandOil Eater

What We Like

  • Non-toxic and non-hazardous
  • Has a dilution chart for maximum use
  • No acids, abrasives, and solvents.
  • Works best on driveways, industrial machinery, and household cleaning.

What We Don’t Like

  • May cause skin irritation.


Oil eater cleaner is among the best oil stain removers from concrete. It’s eco-friendly, therefore, highly recommended. Use it for an exceptional experience with oil stains.

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EXIMO Concrete Cleaner

Of all the other products mentioned above, EXIMO is outstanding. It completely lacks water. It’s tough on oil stains, but safe around plants and animals, hence no worries about leaving a blueprint on the environment. EXIMO works almost similarly to ACT Microbial. However, it’s deeper than other chemical cleaners. Just give it time.

The same way other microbial products need patience for eliminating wastes, it applies to EXIMO. It perfectly kills stains; both new and old. Begin by scrubbing and leave it for some time. Do that for some few more weeks to come. From the reviews published, one of the main complaints is the cleaner’s size. The fact that it works like ACT, if you’ve got more prominent stains, then a more substantial amount is needed for proper cleaning.

EXIMO has a 12-ounce package. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to buy the three-pound container that’ larger in size. Industrial applications may need even bigger packages; 36 pounds. It’s a multi-purpose cleaner for clearing stains on outdoor surfaces including driveways, cemented patios, sidewalks, stairs, and pavements. Use it on either dry or wet surfaces without the necessity of having to scrub or rub.

Weight3.42 pounds
Dimensions7.2’’ BY 5.1’’ BY 4.2’’
First availableMay 5, 2010

What We Like

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Multi-purpose use
  • No need for pressure washing
  • Water-less, wet-dry cleaner

What We Don’t Like

  • Packed in smaller sizes
  • Doesn’t help residential garages
  • Failure of proper use may leave dust on surface


If you want the best oil stain remover from concrete driveways, EXIMO cleaner is the way to go. It roughly deals with stubborn concrete and other commercial stains. Once it gets rid of the stains, your surface’s colour remains standby for longer, unless otherwise.

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Rid O Rust Stain Remover

Rid O Rust Stain Remover for concrete stain remover

As its name suggests, Rid O Rust is the best rust remover for concrete. It’s favourable to flora and fauna and safest for both unpainted and painted surfaces. A Rid O gallon can clean up to around 400 square feet. Using it is simple; simply spray and wait to rinse the stain. The product is notably safe for plants, therefore, it can work not only work on concrete and garages but also on sidewalks without damage.

Even though it’s mainly used for rust removal, previous users have expressed great comments on its effectiveness in getting rid of old and new stains. You really should try using to see how successful it fights rust discolourations. Furthermore, it decently clears both concentrated and small stains left by nails. Have you seen such stains?

When using Rid O Rust, please don’t be thirsty to see results. It takes a while to achieve a rustless surface that was once extremely tough. So, be patient because it’s natural once the area is dried up after application. If the stain isn’t bad or still new, a onetime application clears everything. However, we’ve got nasty stains that will leave you scrubbing to rid of the stains. An example is the effects of excess inorganic fertilizer on concrete.

ManufacturerPro products, LLC
Weight8.85 pounds
Dimensions6’’ by 6’’ by 12’’

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Effectively removes rust
  • Works over a big area

What We Don’t Like

  • Extreme stains take time to clear


Rud O Rust is the best rust remover that anyone can trust. It leaves no trace on the environment plus it’s quick and effective, hence highly recommended for maximum performance.

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Krude Kutter Cleaner

Best Krude Kutter Cleaner for concrete stain

Krude Kutter is popularly known for being the best oil stain remover for concrete AutoZone. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, xylene-free, and non-solvent. Additionally, it’s safe for use near plants and animals. The product is manufactured in the US and is safe for cleaning both at work and at home.

The package has 32 ounces capacity. It has a wide range of cleaning purposes namely; paint overspray, food or drinks spray, tape adhesive, wallpaper adhesive, glue and adhesives, grease, oil, marker, brake dust, crayon, pet stains, and glue. It also clears shoe polish, mildew stains, blood stains, oxidation, lipstick, and scum.

ManufacturerKrud Kutter
Weight2.1 pounds
Dimensions5.12’’ by 3.25’’ by 11.5’’

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Less expensive
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable.

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes time to clean.


Krude Kutter is the best oil stain remover for concrete. It deodorizes, cleans, and disinfects many surfaces, leaving them without stains.

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WD40 for concrete oil stain remover

Wd-40 is a multi-purpose cleaner packed with a lubricant smart straw, which has a two-way spray. Either choose to flip it up or down and spray. One project at ago. It has numerous functions o including; lubricating, penetrating, removing, protecting, and displacing moisture. It’s free from chlorofluorocarbons, kerosene, silicone, water or graphite.

Apart from removing stains from concrete, it also can be useful on engines, alloy wheels, hinges, bikes, nuts, hedge trimmers, and nuts. When using WD-40, you should prepare for anything. It ensures a well-done job with less effort. It’s been in use for over 60 years with more than 2000 users.

The product is safe on anything. For instance, on rubber, wood, plastic, metal, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. You can as well apply on your bike for preventing rust and mud from sticking. It can again be very effective ion metal basketball bats, and golf clubs.

ManufacturerWD-40 Company
Weight10.4 ounces
Number of items1
Size8 ounces
StyleWD-40 8 OZ

What We Like

  • Eco-friendly
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Safe

What We Don’t Like

  • Harder stains don’t fade fully


WD-40 drives out moisture, lubricates, protects, and frees object from stickiness by loosening rust to metal bonds. Exploit it for removal of various stain types from different materials.

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What is the best oil stain remover for concrete for power washers?

You can use detergent for removing oil stains on concrete using a power washer. Start by attaching the garden hose and turning it on. Remove all obstacles like grass, pebble, and debris, then followed by detergent application. Allow time for the detergent to mingle with the stains before applying proper pressure wash. A power washer machine is also the best concrete sealer remover.

Best way to get oil stains out of concrete

The best way to remove oil stains from concrete is by choosing products that fight grease, motor oil, and transmission fluid out of the surface. Look at how effective the product is by going through reviews by customers. Is it also environmental friendly? What about your safety and that of the things around?

You should also look at its versatility. Consider the texture, materials, and colours that give it the cleaning function. You should find a product that has the best way to clean concrete patio and other surfaces related. Do its chemicals offer safety before terming it as the best way to get oil out of concrete?

What is the best concrete stain remover?

The best concrete stain remover is determined by the kind of stain being removed. Another determinant to think about is the time given for the cleaner to stay on the stain before taking it off. You’ll realize that some cleaners are mainly meant for recent stains while others for older types. We’ve got several oil stain removers including Terminator-HDS, ACT Microbial cleaner, Oil eater, Krude Kutter, EXIMO, and GP66 Pro. All these among many others are excellent for removing oil from concrete surfaces. Most of them are multi-purpose and biodegradable, therefore, friendly to the environment.

How do you remove motor oil from concrete?

You can remove motor oil from concrete by applying ACT microbial cleaner. It removes stains by using the micro-organisms mechanism. However, the cleaner may fail to work under some conditions. Think about the maximum temperature for the organism’s survival. It means application on driveways of temperatures above140F, might fail to favour their working. It could also lead to death if it’s extreme.

For newly sticking stains, you don’t need to scrub to clean it. On the other hand, old motor oil stains that dried for longer may be challenging. You may have to soak it then scrub or using a power washer.

What is the best product to remove oil stains from concrete?

Concrete surfaces may be difficult to clean as they’re often in more exposed than other areas—for instance, garages, driveways, and warehouses. Fortunately, we have various cleaning agents that can help clear whatever stains that stick on these surfaces. The best products to remove such stains include oil eater, ACT microbial, GP66 Green Miracle, Terminator, among others.

Most of these products are non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. Using them has fewer precautions to the plants or animals around as they’re harmless. Simply follow the instructions given for use on the manual.

Does WD 40 remove oil stains from concrete?

Yes. That’s definitely right. WD-40 is excellent at removing oil stains from concrete. It’s a water projection spray, with a capacity for penetrating and removing grease. Use it by generously spraying it on the affected area. After that, let it stay for 20 minutes or more. You can then rub the stain with a rag to remove it before rinsing.

Does vinegar remove oil stains from concrete?

Vinegar is among the best homemade ways of removing oil stains from concrete floors. It’s a natural degreaser, therefore, it’s definitely true that it can.  Start by pouring sawdust on the oiled floor to absorb the extra oil- for a night. Wake up to sweep up the soaked sawdust. Take a half teaspoon soda ash and mix with two teaspoons vinegar. Add water to the mixture plus detergent and stir to mix evenly.

Sprinkle the solution on the stain, then scrub and rinse afterwards. If the result doesn’t satisfy, repeat the process until it completely clears before letting the surface dry up.

What removes oil stains from concrete at home?

Do you have a cat? It could be a pet or for other uses. Do you its litter is useful in removing oil stains? Pour the litter on the stain, get a brick for grinding it. After that, leave the litter on that stain for around 30 minutes, then you can clean it dry. Older stains may need an added solution, such as a degreaser.

Sometimes the stain may not go away, therefore, you might be required to apply the litter again and again until it fades. Get it and combine with the degreaser, then apply the same process to clear the mess.

Does baking soda remove oil stains from concrete?

Baking is good can remove oil stains from concrete. Recent spills can be cleared by sprinkling the baking soda on the stain, and it will absorb the excess oil. Allow more time for dampening before applying circular motions with a stiffly bristled brush. Continue rubbing, then rinse with water.

If the oil is deeply penetrated, you may have to repeat the process several times until you get satisfied by the results. Baking soda is a home remedy for clearing oil stains from concrete that’s cheap and affordable. Try it and save time and money.

Will OxiClean remove oil stains from concrete?

OxiClean has an active ingredient called sodium percarbonate. When dissolved in water, it releases two products; hydrogen peroxide and soda ash. The two work together with the supporting action of hydrogen peroxide bubbles. Use it by first sweeping clean the area. You can either pour the powder directly on the surface or first mix it in water before the mixture on the area and mopping it off.

Don’t let the solution dry up, instead keep adding to make it wet before rinsing with clean water. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves before handling the OxiClean powder and solution. Be careful to avoid contact with your eyes and skin as it may cause irritation.

Final thought

This article has discussed various concrete cleaning agents for oil removal. The mentioned products are the best for a well-done stain clearing job. You can find the products available in various online stores. Finding the best cleaner depends on your need- the type and severity of the stains experienced.

There are also homemade remedies that can be relevant for stain removal, such as soda ash, vinegar, cat litter, and others. You may as well consider using machine washer. It’d be best if you made choices paying attention to its effects on the surrounding.

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